About Love, Kaylyn

Love, Kaylyn was founded during the eighth month of the year 2016. I was a 19-year-old university dropout with a strong desire to distract myself from what I thought was the start of my future as an underachiever and a maker of bad decisions. It took many panic-filled nights and downward spirals and Japanese baking videos before deciding that society’s expectations are dumb and that I needed to reclaim my future. I’ve always been one to go against the tide, which can be extremely tiring, but my “againstness” is one of my defining characteristics, along with my abnormally-shaped middle fingers and the gap between my teeth. My againstness is what gets the fire burning inside of me, and that fire is what fuels this blog.

The single most important thing that you absolutely need to know, dear reader, is that I am 100% committed to cruelty-free beauty. I don’t mean the “not tested on animals” or the “cute bunny logo” kind, I mean the proper kind. The kind where you have to do hours of research. The kind where you have to interrogate businesses. The kind where you have to sacrifice opportunities that don’t meet your standards. It sounds like a lot of work, and believe me it is, but I want South Africans to know that the content on Love, Kaylyn is here to make the life-changing decision a million times easier. All it takes is a beating heart and a few baby steps.

As passionate as I am about cruelty-free beauty, there are a few more things that fuel that fire we discussed a while ago.

I think that I may have been a bookworm reincarnated as a human being. My adoration for literature is why you will find bookish content on Love, Kaylyn every week. I am particularly interested in fuzzy romances, thrilling mysteries, interesting allegories and young adult novels. I believe that Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree collection and Roald Dahl’s books are where it all began, and I still love them. However, my one true love is Harry Potter.

If I wasn’t a bookworm in my previous life, I was a living, 3-dimensional Betty Crocker. A love for baking runs deep within the roots of my abnormally large family tree and I was served a generous portion of that gene. That doesn’t mean that I am some kind of prodigy, but I’m not bad. I’m interested in experimenting with seasonal flavours to create (or recreate) sweet treats that I personally enjoy.

In March 2018, Love, Kaylyn was compromised. I lost 19 months of content that I put my entire heart and soul into and there was no way to recover it. I took a short break during which several security measures were put up and thought about what to do next. It only took me a few seconds to conclude that I have still got a lot to give. More importantly, readers reached out to me and told me about how I absolutely need to keep on keeping on. In April 2018, I relaunched Love, Kaylyn.

About My “Cruelty-Free” Standards

“Cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” are both unregulated, meaning that there is no official definition. This also means that there could be 7 billion different definitions and interpretations of these terms. I believe that my interpretation of “cruelty-free” is the simplest and includes only the compulsory requirements. It is vital that a business can guarantee the following:

  • The products should not be tested on animals at any point, from the ingredients to the finished product.
  • The company should not test on animals.
  • The company’s suppliers should not test on animals.
  • Third parties should not test on animals on behalf of the company.
  • The company should not test on animals where required by law.
  • The products should not be sold in mainland China.

E.g. MAC states that they do not test on animals; however, their products are sold in mainland China. MAC has to physically sign and pay the Chinese government for testing their products on animals in order to sell their products there. Therefore, MAC is not cruelty-free and we should avoid funding the cruelty towards animals.

I prefer to buy my products from businesses who are certified by Beauty Without Cruelty or Leaping Bunny, as they are the most reputable. However, not all cruelty-free companies are certified. If a company is not certified, I refer to my two trusted sources: Cruelty-Free Kitty and Logical Harmony. These two sources share the same standards as me and are always up-to-date. Unfortunately, information about South African cosmetic companies is more difficult to find. This is why Love, Kaylyn has a dedicated section, called Cruelty-Free Diaries, where I publish Q&As between myself and local companies that claim to be cruelty-free. If you’re curious about the animal testing policies of businesses you are interested in, don’t be afraid to contact me to find out for you.

About Me

Behind Love, Kaylyn is an average 21-year-old Capetonian. Here are five extra personal facts about me:

  • I listen to alternative music, including hard rock and heavy metal; however, my favourite musicians are Lana Del Rey and Muse.
  • I have been in a very happy and long-term relationship since 2011.
  • I lived in Dubai for nearly two years and it is where I began my schooling career, meaning that I learned basic Arabic!
  • Japan is my dream holiday destination, especially Kyoto and Hokkaido, as well as those snowy countries with names that are impossible to pronounce.
  • I am a university student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Informatics.