Review of “Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara” by Sorbet

Review of “Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara” by Sorbet

Sorbet, a South African cruelty-free cosmetics brand, launched their brand new makeup range at the beginning of 2018. The Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara is one out of four mascaras in Sorbet’s makeup range. This particular mascara has the purpose of simultaneously adding volume and length to your eyelashes. It contains argan oil, situated near the middle of the ingredients list, to moisturise the lashes, and panthenol and vitamin E in order to condition the lashes.

• Full fibre brush for maximum volume and length
• Buildable volume and microfibers for length
• Contains fibre technology for lengthening lashes and carbon black pigments for jet black intense look
• Argan oil to moisturise lashes
• Lash building actives
• Panthenol and Vitamin E to condition lashes


Last Cheat Super Volume + Length

The Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara is packaged in a silver, metallic box. The right-hand-side of the box displays a clear picture of the wand that this product uses. The back lists the ingredients. The mascara itself is packaged in a fat, black plastic tube of impressive quality that holds 8,5ml of product. The design is minimalistic, including only the name of the mascara and logo of the brand in a shiny, silver font, along with some fine print. I personally believe this mascara is a bit too bulky to be considered travel-friendly.

This product is a bold black mascara filled with visible microfibres. The brush is quite large until the tip, meaning that it is extremely difficult to reach the small lashes at the inner- and outer-corners of one’s eye. It is also very difficult to use on the small and fussy lower lashes, but it is suitable to reach the roots of the eyelashes. I believe that the wiper is a very good size, as it ensures the perfect amount of product goes onto the brush. The Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara does lengthen the lashes, due to the microfibres. It also adds a significant amount of volume, especially after adding two layers. However, adding more layers of mascara increases the likelihood of it clumping. The volume and length that this product has added onto my eyelashes have lasted me an entire workday, but the mascara definitely does tend to flake ever so slightly. Unfortunately, it does run after a few short hours when used on the lower lashes.

Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara

When applying this mascara, I prefer to wiggle the wand until I can get as close to the roots of the eyelashes as possible, and then wiggle it back up and out to give it as much of a wing-effect as possible. I am not fond of mascaras with big brushes, but I realise that it is necessary if one wants to add more volume to one’s eyelashes. My eyes are a bit small and my eyelashes are an average-length, so it was fairly tricky to use the Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara without making a mess around my eye and on my eyelids. I like the length that it gives, but to build length means to build volume and to build volume means it gets all clumpy. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this product is for me. That doesn’t mean it’s not a decent product- it is. However, much like Charlotte Tilbury, I am a mascara snob and it is my “deserted island” choice. I prefer a mascara that can give me individual long lashes with a thinner wand.

I bought the Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara from Clicks in Canal Walk for R159,95. It is actually quite pricey compared to other major drugstore brands. This product currently appears to only be available in selected Clicks stores.


On Love, Kaylyn, I am committed to showcasing 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brands. Sorbet has guaranteed that they are cruelty-free according to my standards. Please see my detailed correspondence with them.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Sadiyya K
    17th April 2018 / 3:06 pm

    Hi Kay! What are your fave cruelty free mascaras? Xoxo

    • Kaylyn van As
      19th April 2018 / 8:57 pm

      Hey! At the moment, my favourite mascara is the All Eyes on Me Waterproof Multi-Effect Mascara by Essence. It has a blue lid. I also really liked the purple Lash Princess mascara, also by Essence. x

  2. 1st May 2018 / 10:25 pm

    But what beautiful blue eyes you have! Also, totally agree on this being pricey. I really wanna try some Wet n Wild mascara’s soon. The lash renegade looks interesting but the packaging is so tacky. I’m a packaging snob #sorrynotsorry

    • Kaylyn van As
      13th May 2018 / 11:22 pm

      Thank you, Aisha! Hmm, I’ve never tried Wet n Wild mascaras, I want to try them too. Nothing wrong with being a bit snobbish! XD

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