Review of “Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser” by Hey Gorgeous + Ingredients Overview

Review of “Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser” by Hey Gorgeous + Ingredients Overview

Hey Gorgeous, a South African cruelty-free cosmetics brand, creates handcrafted skin products using natural, organic ingredients that are free from harmful synthetics. The Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser is made with rosehip, which has been used by the Romans, ancient Chinese doctors and Native Americans. It has been said that this ingredient, whose Vitamin C levels are almost 60 times than that of any other citrus fruit, is useful for regenerating the skin, minimising scars and wrinkles, and evening out the skin’s colour and tone.

Like a woman’s touch, I am gentle yet powerful and rose hip seed, seaweed, and essential oils possess remarkable skin rejuvenating properties (similar to a woman’s touch). I will provide nourishment to your skin every time you utilise me in your daily cleansing ritual. The rose hip in me treats overexposure to the sun’s rays and my seaweed ingredient conditions and hydrates your skin, while providing natural vitamins and nutrients in abundance. Remember me for I am the cleanser who is gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover too.

– Hey Gorgeous

The Hey Gorgeous Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser is packaged in a simple transparent 250ml plastic bottle with a transparent plastic lid. It has a sticker with the name of the product, directions on how to use the cleanser, and the ingredients on the front of the bottle. This cleanser isn’t travel-friendly.

This product is a creamy white cleanser with a slightly thick consistency. It feels quite light and gentle on the skin, including the sensitive eye area where it safe to use as it doesn’t burn or provide any trace of discomfort. It removes makeup, including my cheaper mascaras, with ease. My skin feels healthy, soft and hydrated after rinsing it off. It doesn’t strip the skin of its oils, nor does it make the skin feel oily or greasy. The Hey Gorgeous Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser has a soft peach smell that, coupled with the creamy consistency, is reminiscent of yogurt.
INGREDIENTS: Peach and Orange Blossom Distillate, Rosehip, Extract of Nori (seaweed), Maple Sugar, Spirulina (algae), Xanthan Gum (thickener).

I am very fond of this cream cleanser, even though it has always been said that those with oily skin should choose gel cleansers over cream cleansers. With only a handful of completely safe and beneficial ingredients, it is a product that I trust wholeheartedly. One’s skin should never be exposed to harsh and unnecessary chemicals. The light peach scent is beautiful, but my favourite thing about the Hey Gorgeous Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser is the fact that it is gentle enough to use on the eyes. I prefer to apply the product using my fingers rather than a cotton wool pad.

I bought the Hey Gorgeous Peach & Rosehip Seed Cleanser from their online store, where it is currently available for R210. This product is also available in their physical stores, which are located in Claremont and Willowbridge Shopping Centre in Cape Town.


On Love, Kaylyn, I am committed to showcasing 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brands. Hey Gorgeous has guaranteed that they are cruelty-free according to my standards. Furthermore, they have been certified by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa.


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    I always love hearing about cruelty-free products. thanks for the tips and tricks shared.

    • Kaylyn van As
      27th June 2018 / 10:06 pm

      You’re welcome! x

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