Is SwiitchBeauty Cruelty-Free?

Is SwiitchBeauty Cruelty-Free?

SwiitchBeauty prides themselves on their “high quality, affordable, cruelty-free essential products that actually do what they say they’re going to do“. Before purchasing cosmetics, no matter how compelling it may appear, it is your responsibility to ensure that the business you wish to support is absolutely ethical. This is to avoid funding cruelty towards helpless animals and fellow human beings for something as self-serving as one’s own vanity. On Love, Kaylyn, I am committed to asking the big question and all of the little questions in between, specifically: is SwiitchBeauty cruelty-free? I encourage you to simply use this article as a guide on your journey towards living a cruelty-free life.

Questions & Answers
  1. Can you guarantee that your products are not tested on animals at any point, from the ingredients to the finished product? Yes
  2. Can you guarantee that your company does not test on animals? Yes
  3. Can you guarantee that none of your suppliers test on animals? Yes
  4. Can you guarantee that no third parties test on animals on behalf of your company? Yes
  5. Do you test on animals where required by law? *
  6. Are your products sold in mainland China? No
  7. Are you owned by a parent company? If yes, who? No
  8. Are you certified cruelty-free by a reputable organisation, such as Leaping Bunny or Beauty Without Cruelty? If yes, who? If no, do you plan on getting certified in the future? No**
  9. Are any of your products vegan? If yes, do you have a list of these products? ***

(Please note that questions 1 to 6 were directly copied from Suzi.)

* We have not been required to test on animals by law.

** We are not yet certified by a reputable cruelty-free organisation, but we definitely plan to be in the future

*** To be confirmed.

Is SwiitchBeauty Cruelty-Free?

It is not possible to confirm whether or not SwiitchBeauty is 100% cruelty-free based on this questionnaire due to the fact that their answer to question 5 was too vague. It is impossible to deduce SwiitchBeauty’s position on animal testing if they do not specify whether or not they are willing to test on animals when required by law. It is your choice as to whether or not you feel comfortable supporting this business.



    • Kaylyn van As
      26th June 2018 / 11:51 am

      Information like this is always useful when it comes to being an educated consumer. x

  1. 25th June 2018 / 11:42 am

    Hi Kaylyn,
    I was under the impression that Swiitch simply purchases items online through AliExpress etc and rebrand them (private labelling). In that case surely they do not have all the info on where the supplier/s source their ingredients from, etc? (purely speculation on my part)
    I only trust retailers that are legally bound to obtain such info such as big-box, national retailers (like Clicks, etc). I would NEVER buy cosmetics from Wish, AliExpress, etc as they are not closely regulated

    • Kaylyn van As
      26th June 2018 / 12:09 pm

      Yes, I have heard many rumours about SwiitchBeauty private labelling. It should be noted that SwiitchBeauty has consistently refuted these claims and therefore I cannot treat them as a company that private labels. If they are lying, which is something that I don’t have the right to accuse them of, I’m hopeful that justice will be served as that is a serious offence. As I said, I encourage you to simply use this article as a guide. SwiitchBeauty should consider doing more to alleviate consumers’ doubts. I agree with you, cosmetics that are not closely regulated should be avoided. x

      • 27th June 2018 / 9:47 am

        Thanks for the response, Kay. I completely agree with you. Even those rumours make me uncomfortable enough not to use the products. I am VERY particular what I put on my face!

        • Kaylyn van As
          27th June 2018 / 10:31 am

          You’re absolutely correct. I have sent them an email asking them if they plan to prove to consumers that they don’t private label, but I haven’t received a response just yet. x

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