My Top 5 Kdramas on Netflix

My Top 5 Kdramas on Netflix

I started watching Korean TV shows when I got Netflix. I don’t quite know what it is about these east Asian dramas, but I have grown extremely fond of them. In fact, I prefer them more than the Western TV shows I have been watching my entire life. Perhaps, as NextShark wrote, its desirability is due to a large number of factors such as the eye-candy, the cultural appeal, the lack of foul language and gory violence, the romance, the Korean fashion, the food, the comic relief, and the emotional connections that are created between the drama and the viewer. My boyfriend, an avid watcher of horror and gory movies, enjoys them too! Here are five Kdramas on Netflix (in no particular order) that I have watched. I mean, obsessively watched.

Kdramas on Netflix

Hello, My Twenties!

Hello, My Twenties! follows the story of five female college housemates who live in a shared residence called Belle Epoque. At first, they struggle to feel comfortable around each other. This could be due to the fact that they’re all entirely different people who come from entirely different backgrounds. They also have entirely different preferences. It should come as no surprise that putting five 20-something-year-old females under the same roof is a recipe for drama. However, they all develop a special bond as they go through adulthood together. Hello, My Twenties! is full of drama, comedy, romance and suspense. Although it appears to be a very chick-flicky series, which it definitely is, it does have a bit of a dark twist.

Season 1 – 2016

Season 2 – 2017

Kdramas on Netlix

Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost follows the stories of Bong-sun and Soon-ae. Bong-sun is a timid assistant chef who works for a hot-shot celebrity chef. Soon-ae is a young and lustful ghost who is not able to leave Earth until she resolves her grudge- dying a virgin. In order to resolve her grudge before she turns into an evil spirit, she possesses Bong-sun’s body. Of course, things at work get extremely strange when quiet Bong-sun suddenly becomes extremely confident and lustful. This series has both comedy and suspense, but most of all it will give you all the feels. All of them.

Season 1 – 2015

Kdramas on Netflix

Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat is a unique romantic comedy for foodies. It follows the stories of two adults who live on the same floor of an apartment block. Soo-kyung is a divorced woman in her early 30s who absolutely loves food but hates eating alone. Dae-young is a young man who is passionate about food and is particularly talented in describing textures and flavours. With their neighbour, Jin-yi, and Soo-kyung’s work colleagues, viewers get to watch and learn all about different types of dishes eaten in Korea by watching these people eat. It sounds a bit strange, especially when you’re forced to watch footage of people slurping soup and noodles for about five minutes at a time, but there is a story to follow and the characters do have depth. Much like the other two Kdramas on Netflix that I have mentioned so far, Let’s Eat includes comedy, romance and a bit of a mystery.

Season 1 – 2013

Season 2 – 2015

Kdramas on Netflix

Something in the Rain

Something in the Rain is one of the most well-made Kdramas that I have seen. With episodes longer than one hour, the entire story was beautifully thought out and presented. It follows the story of Jin-ah, a single career woman. She is reunited with her bestest friend’s younger brother, Joon-hee, who arrived back in Korea after working in the USA for three years. Having grown up with him, he is like a younger brother, until they start developing feelings for each other that severely complicates their relationships with their families. Something in the Rain gets the award for having the world’s most stubborn and nagging mother in the history of television! Jin-ah’s mother is dead-set on having her marry a powerful and successful man, something that Jin-ah is not interested in. On top of all of this, she just went through a break-up with a psycho man who cheated on her, and the female colleagues at her work are having to deal with sexual assault by their male colleagues. This series will tug at your heartstrings, teach you valuable lessons about love, and open your eyes to the different experiences in the #MeToo movement.

Season 1 – 2018

Kdramas on Netflix

Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus is a Kdrama that I am currently still watching. It follows the story of Joo-eun and Young-ho (A.K.A. Mr Sexy). Joo-eun was known as Venus of Daegu in her hometown as she was extremely beautiful. After she finished high school and followed her dream of becoming an attorney, she gained a lot of weight. Not only did she not feel beautiful anymore, but her boyfriend of 15 years broke up with her on their anniversary. Young-ho is a personal trainer of Hollywood stars, but he was also born into an extremely rich and successful family, which is why he went under the pseudonym, John Kim. Growing up, he spent most of his time in the hospital due to a devastating illness. This Kdrama is filled with comedy, especially with the addition of Chinese Canadian Henry Lau as Kim Ji-woong and his adorable goofiness.

Season 1 – 2015

I’m sure you’ve sensed a pattern with my choice of Kdramas. They’re all funny, a tad bit mysterious, overflowing with romance and with hour-long episodes. I can’t tell you which one is my favourite because their stories are all different and the casts are so perfect, I suggest watching all of them. Something in the Rain was the most emotional one for me, but I cry in all TV shows. Oh My Ghost and Oh My Venus are definitely the most raunchy, but not in the American way. Hello, My Twenties! was so fun and dramatic and comical. Let’s Eat constantly made me hungry, but it also tugged at my heart. I’m always on the lookout for more good Kdramas, so perhaps I’ll publish a part two in the future.

Which Kdrama will you watch first?

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